About us

Since Yuxi’s foundation, we’ve been working in the local market to deep cultivation and closing the gap in the wholesale field. Our business category, including beauty, personal care, food and daily necessities, etc., We’re providing a complete one-stop service through diversified and mainstream commodities, and integrating the international logistics system, and spreading global brands in the Haitao market. We hope all the consumers can enjoy the uniqueness and fun of shopping.

Yuxi dedicated to continue to create beautiful things and pass the best products to overseas. We're doing this with our full heart, and telling stories about each product with emotions and sensibility. We provide the best product to our clients and even convinced by them. We believe that the secrets of happiness are confidence and beauty.

Yuxi dealt with all kinds of difficulties, but never gave up, we continuous breakthroughs, and take all opportunities for success. Hope everyone can see the unique of Yuxi, and let us upgrade your beauty and self-confidence.